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Espresso Natura 250GR – Miscela D’oro



Espresso Natura 250g ground coffee

The traditional Italian blend for a classic espresso. Intense, well balanced aroma. Perfectly balanced cream and body; the malty, milky flavor with notes of peanuts and dried fruit. The more natural flavor, which comes from organic cultivation, is accompanied by a sweet, almost caramelized aftertaste.

The espresso rich in nuances: the sweetness of the chocolate aftertaste blends with an almost biscuit flavor that has a surprising yield in milk. A fine blend of selected coffees from organic farming and fair trade. A product that respects the resources of the planet and the work of small farmers, so that the coffee break is a pleasure for the taste and a joy for the spirit.

High quality Arabica from Central / South America and selected Robusta coffees from Asia

Medium roast

Creamy, aromatic, medium acidity, soft taste